the embodiment conference

 Breathing into Balance – FREE EBOOK

In this book I will take you through 5 days of conscious breathing.

The first day, we start with breath awareness before moving through the
4 dimensions: body, mind, emotions and soul.

    This book is the first step in
    re-connecting to your Breath.

Somatic Breathwork – Introduction workshop – FREE

In this ZOOM event you will get some basic information and an online Breathwork session.

This is an experiential session to get to know your own Breath better and find out how it can be a resource to regulate and support you.

What you will learn in this session:

  • Recognize your breathing habits and patterns.
  • Ways to release stress and tensions in the body using breath and movement.
  • Some new possibilities to build resilience from the inside out.


Thursday 5th November – 10 am CET

Some of the benefits:

– reduce stress and anxiety
– feeling more energized
– increased sense of wellbeing
– regulate emotional states
– release trauma
– relieve physical pain
– improve your health

Breathing into Balance – free course

Do you sometimes feel out of balance?
This might be caused by overwhelm, anxiety or stress.
How would it be to have some simple practical tools you can use in every day life?

In this 5 step course you will be guided through the different levels of embodiment. Every week you receive an email with a new topic, a new exercise.
The focus of this course is Breathing.
With specific exercices and inquiry, you will be guided through the “5 steps – Breathing into Balance“.


Will be launched the first week of November
Make sure you are registered !!

Some of the benefits:

– practical tools for self-regulation
– easy to use in daily life