Integrative Somatic Breathwork
& Embodied Movement

(re)Discover your Self and connect to your true power

Build emotional intelligence from the inside-out, regulate your nervous system and expand your resilience, in life and work

Transform stuck habits and emotions into new choices


1:1 session

ONLINE or IN-PERSON individual session.

Using Conscious Connected Breathwork and/or Embodied Movement.
I offer these session online and on different locations.
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Contact me for a free 30min call.

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On locations in Austria, Belgium, or wherever I’m invited.

Online sessions are always possible, contact me and we will make an appointment.

Sessions can be held in English, Dutch, French or German

Integrative Somatic Breathwork

Thursday morning at 10am CET (Brussels).
B R E A T H E – M O V E – R E L E A S E
“Connect to your Breath, open your senses and explore.”
In these sessions we will tap into the wisdom of the body.
Use your breath to release traumatic stress and tensions in the body.
Explore new possibilities to build resilience from the inside out. 

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Register here.
Once you’re on the list, you will be informed every month.
You can join for only one session.
The session is on donation, pay what you can.
Indication scale 15€/25€ per session.
If you can’t pay, let me know and join anyway. You are very welcome.

Therapy in Motion

ONLINE closed group

Starting new series in November:
An exploration based on embodied self-awareness. We practice the ability to feel our movements, our sensations and our emotions. Get in touch and dive deeper.

Dates: 13, 16 & 27 Nov.

Check out the page >>

“What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills – your EQ – not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests.”

Daniel Goleman

What are the benefits?

Integrative Somatic Breathwork & Embodied Movement, connects you to your-self, bringing memories, emotions, and sensations into consciousness through the body. Giving resources to balance and self-regulate with the use of breath and movement,
The process brings awareness and allows your system to transform and create reconnection, flexibility and choice.

The aim?

Develop embodiment on all levels of our being, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Read more.

The result?

Become aware of your own potential, power and creativity.

Griet’s somatic movement is an incredible experience. I find her approach to breathwork very powerful and I learned so much from it.


Your experience and knowledge created a safe space where I felt I could surrender and have no expectations. With my mind completely still I could uncover something deeper, unexpected underlying pain that I needed to process. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us and for holding a space where I felt connected to my true self and not my overpowering mind.


I loved your session. I heared a lot of speakers and breathwork facilitators but you have outdone them all. You provided a great frame the guidance in the breath was super there was enough space at the end the sharing was good. I am truly impressed.

Thank you soooo much!

Griet is a true expert. She knows exactly what she is talking about. The way she explained the theory behind breathing made sense to me immediately, it was fun to listen to her. But the best part was the breathing session. She guided me into a very deep place. I will never forget the session. I would love to do it again.


Next events

"Wheel of life" training

“Wheel of Life”- program: personal development
Intensive: no dates available

“Wheel of Life” – professional Breathwork training:
Module 1 : Sun. 9/6 to Sat. 15/6 — 2024
Module 2 : Sun. 24/11 to Sat. 30/11– 2024
Module 3 : Sun. 9/3 to Sat. 15/03 — 2025
Module 4 : Sun. 18/5 to Sat. 24/5 — 2025

Location: Reichenau – Austria


Bodytypes / character structures

Discover the potentials behind your imprints

Sun. 15/9 – Fri. 20/9 — 2024
Sun. 2/2 – Fri. 7/2 — 2025
Location: Reichenau – Austria

CONTACT ME to register and for more information.