Somatic Breathwork & Embodied Movement

Re-discover your Self and connect to your true power

Build emotional intelligence from the inside-out, find your purpose and expand your resilience, in relationships, life and business

Transform stuck habits and emotions into new choices

What Is Somatic Breathwork?

Somatic Breathwork is a dynamic body-mind practice using Conscious Connected Breathwork. One of the  methods used is Transformational Breath®, a safe and very powerful self-help tool that results in a better physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The breathing process builds a bridge between body, mind and spirit. It allows to release and resolve emotions, belief systems, stresses and memories which are often inaccessible.

What Is Embodied Movement?

Open Floor Embodied Movement is a body based practice bringing mindfulness, self awareness, emotional intelligence and purpose to life. This practice will help to move through mental states, fixed habits and emotions that limit the ability to be present and centered. It is scientifically proven that emotional intelligence, stability and resilience are dependent upon, and reflective of, being present in the moment and embodied.

What Is Therapy-in-Motion?

Therapy in Motion is a dynamic methodology that integrates leading psychological concepts into an embodied movement vocabulary. The theoretical grounding includes attachment theory, relational psychoanalysis, trauma studies, theories of sexuality, gestalt awareness practice, the understanding of multiple self‐states, and transpersonal approaches.


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(in small groups)

Starting new series every month.
NEW groups:
8 Sept., 15 Sept., 22 Sept. from 6pm to 8pm (CET)
9 Sept., 16 Sept., 23 Sept. from 10am to 12am (CET)

CONTACT ME to register and for more information.

Location: online

"Wheel of life" - personal development program

Phase 1 – personal development : starts in January
Phase 2 – advanced : starts in January
Phase 3 – professional : starts October/November

Location: Reichenau – Austria

Breathe into Movement

to be announced

Location: Geneva – Switzerland


Somatic Breathwork & Embodied Movement

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Location: online


Discover your masks and the power behind them


Location: Reichenau – Austria

Global Inspiration Conference

9 – 16 August

Location: Rättvik – Sweden

What are the benefits?

Conscious Breathwork & Embodied Movement, connects you to your-self, bringing memories, emotions, and sensations into consciousness through the body. Giving resources to balance and self-regulate with the use of breath and movement,
The process brings awareness and allows your system to transform and create reconnection, flexibility and choice.

The aim?

Develop embodiment on all levels of our being, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Read more.

The result?

Become aware of your own potential, power and creativity.


1-on-1 session

A full individual session.

Using Conscious Breathwork and/or Embodied Movement.
On location or online.

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On locations in Austria, Belgium, or wherever I’m invited.

Online sessions are always possible, contact me and we will make an appointment.

Sessions can be held in English, Dutch, French or German

Somatic Breathwork & Embodied Movement – fundamentals

5 week online program
Exploring the breath through the levels of embodiment.

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In this 5 week program we look at the different aspects of Breathwork and how it affects the 4 dimensions of being (mind, body, emotions and soul).

We work with

  • releasing stress and tensions in the body
  • recognizing habits and patterns
  • building resilience from the inside out
  • using your own resources
  • explore new posibilities

You will learn more about

  • anatomy of the breath
  • belts of tension
  • regulating the nervous system through breathing

Emotional detox –
Online Course

online course

Contact me for more information.

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online course

Emotional detox, is a process that allows you to connect with yourself — your body, thoughts, feelings, and spirit.
Using conscious breathing and movement to become more present and self- aware.

Practice, LIVE webinars and personal guidance.

“What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills – your EQ – not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests.”

Daniel Goleman


Do you feel stuck?

Or maybe overwhelmed by challenges and happenings in your life and you would like some more balance, center and grounding.

Do you run into the same patterns again and again, in your relationships or at work?

Or maybe you feel it’s time for some Self-care, invest in your own personal development, and find deep transformation.


Business & coorporate

Do you face professional changes and challenges and could use some skills and  practices to support you?

Maybe you would like some focus and support for a co-worker, yourself or a team?

Bringing SBEM into your business can create space for you and your team to become more aware, more present, in balance and embodied.


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Shaping Your Own Path Today!