1-1 Somatic Mentoring Program

Breathe + Move yourself into be-ing

Uncover your SELF

The focus in this journey is to create a Somatic relationship to your Self and your Body.

In the course of 3 months you’ll uncover what keeps you locked in unhealthy behavior patterns such as:
– learned behaviors
– mental beliefs
– breath dysfunction.

Layer by layer these behaviours, patters and beliefs will be explored and adressed with caution and respect.

Some of the tools/methods are Somatic Breathwork, Therapy in Motion, Integrative Somatic Therapy and Somatic Attachment Therapy.

This program is …

… about exploring your body, your thoughts, your emotions 
and discovering your full potential.

… set up to your needs and at your pace and speed.

… using Somatic Breathwork, Body consciousness and Movement

… giving you more awareness, clarity and resources.



for more information or a free intake call



Online program

Free 30 min intake.

8 sessions of 1,5h (online) + follow-up via email and Telegram
(Total 12 hrs)

Sessions will be organised over a period of 3 to 4 months.


Reduced: € 995 (excl. btw.)
Standard: € 1295 (excl. btw.)
Solidarity: € 1595 (excl. btw.)


Live program (in person)

Free 30 min. intake.

This program can be offered in your home, in a seminar hotel or on a location of your request.

The program will be agreed for a duration of 2,3,4… days.
example: 3 day program , 6 hours per day


Contact me for a price offer.
When on location, transportation and hotel costs have to be considered.