Body Sense

Online Therapy in Motion series

Exploring Body Sense

We come together over a course of 3 weeks and move with what is present.
This series of Therapy in Motion is about witnessing and exploring what is moving and what is stuck in our being (a thought, an unrelenting insecurity, a gesture, a part of our body, or a belief). 

It’s an exploration based on embodied self-awareness. We practice the ability to feel our movements, our sensations and our emotions. Get in touch with what’s behind and dive deeper.

What is Therapy in Motion?

Therapy in Motion is a dynamic Open Floor methodology that integrates leading psychological concepts into an embodied movement vocabulary. The theoretical grounding of Therapy in Motion course includes attachment theory, relational psychoanalysis, trauma studies, theories of sexuality, gestalt awareness practice, the understanding of multiple self‐states, and transpersonal approaches.

It is scientifically proven that emotional intelligence, stability and resilience are dependent upon, and reflective of, being present in the moment and embodied. Evidence‐based embodied therapeutic practices demonstrate that the ability to tolerate strong emotions without dissociating are key to good mental health. Additionally, embodied emotional intelligence is vital for profound, lasting spiritual development.’



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An online closed group with max. 4-6 people.

The sessions will be ONLINE via Zoom.

It is a group process with one person in an active role and the others are witnesses and have a clear part in the process.

We start with a sharing and warmup.
Ending the session with an integration dance.

In the online sessions we might work with different tools such as Open Floor Core Movement Resources, inquiry, art expression and breathwork.


13, 16 & 27 Nov. from 18:00 to 20:00pm CET (Brussels)

(check your timezone here)


Price on the principle of sliding scale

€135 (reduced) – €155 (normal) – €185 (supportive)
*please note – supporters make it available to folks with lower income

Two hours of engagement and a willingness to be present in whatever way feels right for you.
If you would like to join and don’t have the financial space, contact me.

During the session


We will use movement and words to access the depths of our inner selves.
Our starting point is movement, as it is the gateway to our present experience. From there, we allow our inner world to unfold, bringing conscious awareness and integration to our internal processes.

In each session, we will:

      • Tune into your body’s sensations and impulses.
      • Tap into the wisdom of your unique physical experiences
      • Shift from cognitive thinking to exploring embodied movements
      • Expand insights and resources through the language of the body.
      • Hold space for each other,
      • Dance, feel into our current physical state, our mental mood,
      • Have an opportunity to explore one to one
      • Witness each other, connecting with similar aspects within ourselves
      • Be witnessed as we nurture a deeper sense of trust in our bodies
      • Learn to trust our body’s movement and develop skills to self regulate

This unique way of working provides safety in a small group, connecting in ways we don’t normally do in everyday life.
It cultivates a sense of community, deepens connections, and empowers us to be authentic.

Therapy in Motion was a journey to the center of myself. It helped me to see, feel, deepen and change things in a special, very trustful and deep way. Thank you Griet for your great work and guidance!

Andrea C.

TiM ermöglicht ein Erleben von Gefühlen und Emotionen, die auf eine wunderbare und berührende Weise geschehen.

Michaela L.

It’s amazing what our body knows. Even when it’s just a small movement you do, it can start a big process. When I started doing TiM I was skeptical how this will work but during my first session I learned that each experience is stored in my body. And that I have to follow my intuition to bring my body into movement and express feelings, emotions, thoughts and other things by movement. My body knows what it needs to bring it back into flow, to let stuck things go. It is the best tool to express myself without words. So TiM helped me to get back into my body, a topic I have been dealing with for more than twenty years. And it also helped me to get aware of blockages and let them go. It also helped me to get out of my mind and just follow my intuition.

Gabriele L.