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Moonbird – a supportive treatment tool for stress, anxiety and sleeping problems recommended by therapists and doctors

Moonbird is your guide in doing slow-paced breathing exercises. Place it in the palm of your hand and simply breathe along to its calming pace. You can track the effects on your body via the app. Finding inner peace was never that easy.

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You can test it for 30 days without risk.

Some of the benefits:

  • Lower stress in 10 minutes
    Science shows just 10 min. of slow breathing makes you more relaxed
  • Improve sleep quality by 37%
    Moonbird is the easiest way to breathe yourself to sleep
  • Reduce anxiety within 5 minutes
    Just 5 min. of slow breathing already decreases anxiety
  • Personalize your breathing exercise
    Balanced breathing, box breathing, 4-7-8? Customize the pace of a breathing exercise to your own needs


MYOTAPE is a patented lip tape designed to bring your lips together, gently and safely. It is the only tape that surrounds the mouth rather than covering the lips. This reminds the mouth to close. And it removes any anxiety you or your child may have about mouth taping.

The tape can be used during the day, during physical exercise and at night. Ensuring your whole family enjoys all the health benefits of nasal breathing, 24/7.